On Tour @ #btconf 2019 with Christian Heilmann

Stefan and Schepp had the great opportunity to do a live podcasting show with no other than Chris Heilmann at this year’s Beyond Tellerrand conference in Düsseldorf.

Christian Heilmann

Do we have to introduce the legendary Chris Heilmann? From Yahoo over Mozilla to now Microsoft, as Program Manager for Open Web and Browsers. We interviewed Chris on all things „Edge on Chromium“ and got very valuable insights to questions like: „What’s the strategy“, „How’s working with Google“ or „Why Chromium, not Gecko?“. Chris did not shy away from critical voices and pushy questions, and gave us information we all have been waiting for. With Rodney on the running microphone, we also got a ton of great questions from a wonderful audience. We hope you’ve had as much fun as we had.

About the conference

Do we have to introduce the legendary Beyond Tellerrand? The conference where the crowd meets, where we get the most inspiring talks, and where we push the boundaries of our mind, arts and craft. Beyond Tellerrand is most likely one of the most unique conferences out there, certainly one you shouldn’t miss. And a new adventure in Berlin just started! Be sure to check it out!


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